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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.  - Harriet Tubman

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I'm done with my full third week of squatting every day!!! Since starting I have noticed a good improvement in my overall mobility and I feel that I don't struggle to warm up as much as I did when I wasn't squatting so frequently...

About Blue Blairy Fitness

When you focus on improving the inside, everything else will fall into place.

My fitness journey has been a roller coaster of a ride, and began as early as my days of a small front desk gym employee in high school. Coming from years of yo-yo dieting, I was always looking for the quick fix and extreme diets. I have tried them all: Atkins, low fat, starvation, low carb, paleo; you name it, I have probably tried it. None of them ever got me to my goals physically or mentally, and if I got close, it was not sustainabl. Little did I know that the answer was simple and is now one of my biggest pieces of advice to all of my clients. You want to reach your goals? I recommend these three things: time, patience, and consistency. I build my coaching programs and base my own contest prep on these three pillars. I have found balance in my diet through the Flexible Dieting mindset and have never been happier or stronger in and out of the gym. Part of my coaching style is to focus on the mental progress as much as the physical. When you focus on improving the inside, everything else will fall into place.

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“There is no passion to be found playing small in setting for
a life that is less than the on you are capable of living.”
-Nelson Mandela

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Everybody has different requirements, which is why I aim to be as flexible
and accommodating as possible in how you complete your training with me.

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I offer a fully customized online coaching program. With this program, you not only receive weekly workouts and macronutrient goals based on your body and lifestyle, but you also receive my utmost attention and support. Along with weekly email check ins, my clients receive my personal cell phone number so they can reach me anytime for any questions, comments, or concerns.


I recently read a quote that really struck a cord with me, it was "If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal."

It's true. I used to drive myself crazy wishing & dreaming of being lean, strong and fit, always unhappy with who and what I saw in the mirror, but never really doing anything about it. Granted long story short, over the past few years I've done it all, from lots of variety of workouts and exercising and yo-yo dieting to eating disorders. I'd see results for a while but nothing lasted and not because I wasn't happy with the results, I just wasn't happy as a person. I was a slave to a vicious cycle that never ended. It was until I hit road bottom in my personal life that I realized I started to focus on myself for once. And that's when I found IIFYM...

I can't begin to thank Blair enough for her knowledge and support. I finally have the missing piece I was looking for so long and that's peace. Even in a short time with her, I am learning to no longer be controlled by restrictions and a number. Fitness can be hard, nutrition can be hard, but fitness AND nutrition together is very hard, especially if you thought you've tried it all. I'm learning how my body works and what fuel it truly needs to function properly all while I get to enjoy foods before I wouldn't touch with a 10' foot pole (until I did and I would go COMPLETELY over board. Ex: Eating a whole package of Oreos in a sitting or a huge jar of PB in two days). I've had "treats" every day without any guilt and seeing progress that might seem slower then past results but I know that these results are lasting because I'm enjoying myself for once and know I can actually keep this LIFESTYLE up. Honestly with IIFYM, I find myself attracted to more nutrients dense food for most of my meals, knowing that they are working with my body to help me reach my goals. However, nothing taste better then eating a couple of Oreos or some frozen yogurt and knowing, "I'll be ok! This food by one means define me as a person and as long as it's in moderation, I've earned this treat with my work in the gym and it's actually helps me keep the gains train running." I actually enjoy treats more now instead of punishing myself, and that in a huge relief. That's why this will last. Slow & steady, but here to stay!

Anyone looking for a trainer and/or considering IIFYM, Blair knows her stuff and she's fun to work with on your goals all while she's completely honest and open with you on her fitness and nutrition journey! Don't think, make your move and just do and not only see results, but feel results too!

Ommmgawwwsh I am so happy that I get to share this testimonial.

Blair has been the only coach that I have ever had and it was an amazing experience. She has taught me so much about body building - exercise, correct form, reps, strategy, metabolism, supplements, flexible dieting, recipes, and on and on.

While I could have easily learned these things from a book, or You Tube, or anyone online, I am so happy that I got the up close and personal attention I needed to start my journey. She absolutely knows her stuff, however she allows you to be you and decide what is best for you and your body. She developed a personal plan for ME and gently encouraged me through the whole process. Don’t get me wrong, SHE IS TOUGH. However, she is sensible. She pushes you when you can no longer push yourself and she never expects anything from anyone that she is not willing to give herself.

One of my favorite parts of her coaching is that she is on her journey right beside you. Not only do you see changes in you, you get to see the changes in her at the same time. Blair is serious, she is the most dedicated person I know to her fitness and she walks the walk.

I absolutely recommend her as a coach and I am truly grateful that I got the chance to learn from someone so genuinely dedicated to this awesome world of body building and I will forever be TEAM BLAIR!!  

Sincerely, Kimberly Henneman

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